Now in English – the collective agreement for Telenor!

– We are happy to announce the translated version of the agreement. We hope this increases the availability and usability of the content for our English-speaking members and shop stewards in Telenor, says Reidunn Wahl, national officer for the Norwegian Electricians and IT Workers Union (EL og IT Forbundet).
Reidunn Wahl og Esben Smistad ser mot kameraet mens de holder opp hver sin bok
(Reidunn Wahl, national officer for the Norwegian Electricians and IT Workers Union, and Esben Smistad, Telenor Group Union representative


– Also, we expect that using the agreement will be easier for members and shop stewards within companies where English is the working language, she points out.

The collective agreement is now available on, with a small number of physical copies made available. However, the agreement appendices are not included in this version as some are currently under negotiation. After the conclusion of the 2022-labour negotiation, Wahl state, the Union will revisit this matter.

It is important to note that the Norwegian version always takes precedence in cases of disagreement on the interpretation of the text.

Read: Collective agreement for Telenor 2020- 2022

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