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EL og IT Forbundet - for energy, electrical engineering, telecommunications and IT workers.

The Electrician and IT workers union is a nationwide organisation of workers in these sectors:

  • Telecommunications (engineering, installation and service)
  • Electrical engineering (installation, services, maintenance)
  • Energy (production, distribution, maintenance)
  • IT (Software/hardware, system operators, maintenance)

Our goal is to be the leading trade union in the sectors mentioned above. The Electrician and IT workers union is affiliated to the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (Landsorganisasjonen i Norge - LO) and several other Nordic and European organisations such as UNI, EPSU/PSI, IBEW, EFBWW and ICEM. We are not affiliated to any political parties.

The Electrician and IT workers union has approximately 38 000 members, and a well equipped organisation with local branch offices throughout Norway. Our affiliation with LO also means that we are a part of the largest confederation of trade unions.

The Electrician and IT workers union´s main task is to ensure that our
members´ pay- and working conditions are satisfactory. We do that through collective agreements, collective bargaining, through juridical help, and help and support on a daily basis.

Membership benefits

The Electrician and IT workers union organizes employees in the electricity sector, the energy sector, the telecommunications sector and the IT sector.

The Electrician and IT workers union has a highly developed collective bargaining system as well as a shop steward system which ensure favourable wages and working conditions and considerable influence at the workplace. In addition to the workplace branches and the shop steward system we also have union employees in 13 regional offices nationwide

Members of our union have the right to advice and assistance concerning wages and working conditions. The union also provides legal aid free of charge when necessary. We also make sure that the members get what they are entitled to in connection with industrial injuries, unfair dismissals and other labour disputes.

When in legal disputes concerning working conditions, the members receive financial support from the union.

We are affiliated to a large number of international trade unions such as UNI, EPSU/ETUC, IBEW, EFBWW and ICEM. We recognize the importance of working globally to defend workers rights.
Since we organize in sectors wich consists of highly skilled technical personnel we also take a firm stand on the subject of education and training and maintenance of the skilled workers.

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Fax: +47 23 06 34 01

E-mail: firmapost@elogit.no

Website: https://www.elogit.no

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Kl 08:15 - 16:00
Summer time kl 08:15 - 15:00